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  Dedicated to the pursuit of raising 
gluten-free kids

The Gluten-Free parent and her daughter, who was diagnosed with celiac disease at age 9.

Scroll down for books that will help guide you along the way!

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Welcome! I'm Elyn Joy, and I'm here to tell you that having a gluten-free child may bring challenges--but worry not! You can do this (and keep your sanity)! Take it from me, a fellow gluten-free parent with a thriving young adult daughter (after growing up with celiac): Life as you knew it may change, but your child can and will continue to grow and glow!

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BOOKS to Ease the Way

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Thoughtful, practical, and engaging resources for helping parents, kids, and teens live happy, healthy gluten-free lives.

The Gluten-Free Parent's Survival Guide is recommended for anyone new to gluten-free living, or anyone seeking parent-to-parent advice on navigating the GF world with your child.


The Gluten-Free Teen's Survival Guide contains personal advice for middle/high school children, with a special section devoted to college and beyond. Includes pages for reflection and direction.

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Reviewed & approved by the pediatric celiac physician team at Children's Hospital of Colorado


Did you know that almost anything can be made gluten-free? (Okay, maybe not phyllo dough, but rumor has it that's been done as well.) 

One of our favorite "challenges" while Edyth was growing up was to take mental notes at a gluten-filled buffet or party. What were the dishes she most wanted to eat? Then we'd give ourselves a week to gather the ingredients and replicate at least one of them.

We had trials and successes... square cake pops instead of round, not-quite-as-perfect French macarons, and so many others. But it wasn't about the perfection of any dish. It was about the fun we had making them, the fearlessness Edyth grew in trying, and the growing realization that fun can be had in the journey, soggy cakes and momentary pity-parties be damned.

In the News!

Here are a few articles that may help you on your Gluten-Free journey.

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Our 2023 Gluten-Free Parent Favorite Products!

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