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Elyn Joy

Author of The Gluten-Free Parent's Survival Guide


The Gluten-Free Teen's Survival Guide


... and Recent Speaker for Children's Hospital of Colorado's Celiac Education forum

"Cultivating Happy, Healthy, Gluten-Free Kids"

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Welcome! I'm Elyn Joy, and I'm here to tell you that having a gluten-free child may bring challenges--but worry not! You can do this (and keep your sanity)! Take it from me, a fellow gluten-free parent with a thriving college student (after growing up with celiac): Life as you knew it may change, but your child can and will continue to grow and glow!

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Reviewed & approved by parents, doctors, and gluten-free kids!

BOOKS to Ease the Way

Thoughtful, practical, and engaging resources for helping parents, kids, and teens live happy, healthy gluten-free lives.

NEW RELEASE: The Gluten-Free Teen's Survival Guide includes tips for middle/high school, with a special section devoted to college and beyond. Includes pages for reflection and direction.

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