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Welcome! I'm Elyn Joy, and I'm here to tell you that having a gluten-free child may bring challenges--but worry not! You can do this (and keep your sanity)! Starting this moment, I am asking you to trade fear for action, and self-pity (or any kind of pity) for creativity and optimism. 


I'd be less than honest to say that there won't be challenges ahead, because there will be a few--or more than a few. That said, remember that children are resilient; they adjust fairly quickly according to what those around them do. Your reactions and actions are important!


Take it from me--a fellow gluten-free parent with a thriving college student (after growing up with celiac): Life as you knew it may change, but the sun will come out tomorrow (thank you, Annie)--and your child will continue to grow and glow!

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