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Welcome! I'm Elyn Joy, and I'm here to tell you that having a gluten-free child may bring challenges--but worry not! You can do this (and keep your sanity)! Starting this moment, I am asking you to trade fear for action, and self-pity (or any kind of pity) for creativity and optimism. 

Use our Facebook page to ask questions and share stories with other parents; and, if you need more help, don't hesitate to contact The Gluten-Free Parent directly.


In the mean time, remember that children are resilient...they adjust fairly rapidly according to what those around them do. Your reactions and actions are important! Take it from me--a fellow gluten-free parent with a thriving college student (after growing up with celiac): Life as you knew it may change, but the sun will come out tomorrow (thank you, Annie)--and your child will continue to grow and glow!

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