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The Gluten-Free Teen's Survival Guide

Having experienced 10 years as a gluten-free child, young teen, and now college student, our Edyth was able to step back and reflect on some of the most important and life-changing aspects of growing up gluten-free. 

In this book we review all the practical tips that help parents and young people navigate the gluten-free world--from home to school to choosing the right college. You'll hear reflections on Edyth's moments of difficulty (thankfully, they were few) as well as those that elevated her to become a resilient, self-advocating, healthy young lady now studying pre-med and hoping to become a pediatrician. 

Some of the advice in this book comes from the parent's perspective, yet much of it is teen-to-teen honesty and encouragement. The book also includes a "Personal Transformation Journal" for exploring feelings, writing down recipes and tips, and generally self-processing the gluten-free teen life.

Below, an overview of contents, plus a sample page from The Gluten-Free Teen's Survival Guide:

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