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The Gluten-Free Parent's Survival Guide

  • The Gluten-Free Detective game
  • Our favorite menus for every meal (including 8 days of our best school lunch menu options)
  • Secrets of gluten-free cooking: key tips for transforming any recipe to GF
  • A family gift--tried, retried, and tested: Edyth Dae's Famous Gluten-Free and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe!
  • The way to acceptance (both for you and for your child/family)
  • What to do first (as in Home, Safe Home), and next, and next...
  • How to navigate the outside world:  school, friends, travel, and more
  • Handling the worst while discovering the best
  • Interview with a college-bound teen who has grown up gluten-free

In brief, this is the book I WISH I'd had back when our daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. Since none like it existed (until now), I decided to write it. My hope is that this guide helps you move forward with more clarity, wisdom, and purpose as you become acclimated to the gluten-free life. It will help you plan ahead and anticipate potential hurdles (thereby avoiding them, hopefully!). It will bring you comfort and ease much sooner along in the process of transitioning to a gluten-free life for your child. 


Most of all, I've infused this book with all the strength I can muster to pass on to you as you continue to raise that healthy, happy, and confident child of yours. Your new life is beginning, and you are not alone.

The Gluten-Free Parent's Survival Guide is colorful, succinct, and full of both practical advice and long-learned wisdom. Here are some highlights you'll find in the guide:

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Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 12.34.28
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