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Just Remember, It’s Not About the Food; it's About the People, Places and Experiences in our Lives

As we venture out for Halloween tonight with our gluten-free children, let’s all remember a most important mantra any parent can teach their little one, gluten-free or not, and that is this: PEOPLE, PLACES, and EXPERIENCES are far more important than is candy (or bread or cake or yes, even cookies!). Candy can be traded, but memories cannot.

So please, have fun tonight, and whatever you do to ensure your child’s safety (hand-washing, candy-trading, BYO treats, etc.), don’t spend another moment feeling sorry for your child--or for that matter, for yourself. These are, as they say, “The Good Old Days"; your child is counting on you to model that sentiment and to celebrate the moment--challenges and all.

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy, and Memorable Halloween!

Candy can be traded, but memories cannot...

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